Head-Mounted Infant Eye Tracking Equipment

This positive science eye tracker is the centerpiece of our experiments to study multimodal child-parent social interaction and word learning.

Head-Mounted Adult Eye Tracking Equipment

This ASL Model H6 eyetracker is another centerpiece of our experiments of language acquisition. We have developed a system for recording the image of the observer's eye and overlaying this on the video record containing the location of gaze. This allows better evaluation of small eye movements and allows us to minimize the effects of tracker noise in our data.

Nao Robot

We use Nao robot to study real-time adaptive behaviors in human-robot interction. We also use this baby-like robot as an embodied model to study early social interaction and word learning.

Phasespace Motion Tracking System

We use this new phasespace motion tracking system to record the whole body movement to study dynamic coupled bodily actions in human-human and human-robot interactions.

Big Screen Display

This setup is composed of 6 big screen monitors and used for multimodal data acquisition and aslo visual data mining .

Tobii Remote Eye Tracker

Motion Sensing Equipment

LIBERTY by Polhemus incorporates a speed of 240 updates per second per sensor, the ability to upgrade eight sensor channels and detection distortion. In our experiments, multiple sensors are attached to subjects to monitor and record their body movements.

Video Recording Equipment

The lab was equipped with 5 SONY EVI-D70 color video cameras that have a wider pan/tilt range with an 18x optical zoom lens and a faster and smoother pan/tilt mechanism plus autofocus and autoexposure. The RS-232C/422 serial connection allows us to control the cameras by computer programs.


Last modified on Sept 20, 2008
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