Research Opportunities

Software Engineers

We are looking for part-time (hourly based) software developers. .

Graduate Students

We are looking for motivated graduate students to do research on using advanced computational techniques as well as experimental approaches to understand human cognition and learning. If you are interested in learning more about what it is like working in the lab and in our graduate programs (Cognitive Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences, or Computer Science), please contact Dr. Chen Yu and current lab members. Do feel free to ask questions regarding our research that you are interested in.

Undergraduate Students

The Computational Cognition and Learning group is always looking for good undergraduate research assistants to help out with out projects. Getting involved in research is a great preparation for students interested in attending graduate school. If you are interested in doing a UGRA with us, please contact group members whose work aligns with your interests or directly contact Dr. Chen Yu .


Last modified on Sept 9, 2008
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